$150.00 USD

1:1 Coaching with Wendy Jones

Wendy Jones is the founder of Be Better Life & Media, a transformational life coach, and mother of four. Through her coaching at Be Better Life and productions at Be Better Media she helps people unlock their potential and growth through greater self awareness that helps them create more flow in their lives. As an athlete, Wendy understood the feeling of flow, that moment when self consciousness falls away and what is we accomplish feels effortless. Through that feeling she became obsessed with the neuroscience and energy behind that feeling and began to seek flow in daily life. She discovered it is possible in every area - relationships, careers, parenting...the things that we spend the most time doing every day. She helps her clients find this more of this potential expanding neurochemistry through her coaching and has a passion for connecting with others interesting in expanding their potential.

Find Your Flow, Optimize Your Potential, Make An Positive Impact on Others

What you'll get:

  • Figure out what is standing between your reality today and the life you want
  • Understand the purpose behind the challenges you face and how to use them to find more flow in your life
  • Connect to the deeper parts of yourself to build habits and work from your strengths to unlock real motivation