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It's Time To Break The Unhealthy Behavior Patterns Keeping You Stuck & Heal The Ache In Your Heart ...

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...So You Can Thrive & Live Your Life Untamed!

Hi, I'm Dr. Natacha Nelson, Your Life Doctor!

I am here to revolutionize the way we alchemize trauma stored deep in the mind and body.

Through my personal and professional experience, I have helped hundreds of people shift into a healthier and more fulfilling life. Now it is your turn...

In 8 weeks I will help you to identify and break free of the unhealthy behavior patterns that you have been using to cope. We will take the broken pieces of your past and turn them into something beautiful. 

I've teamed up with Be Better Media to create this 8-week online video course that will help YOU become your very own Life Doctor so you can Live Life Untamed!

Live Life Untamed

Crisis often finds us and forces us to make big life changes, but this isn't always the case. Are you...

...eating to soothe emotions?
...overworking yourself to exhaustion?
...people pleasing and putting yourself last?

I've been you...

I can tell you from experience that the longer you wait to face the underlying issues that are causing these behaviors, the harder it will be to change your life. The trauma that is stored in your body will not leave until it is examined. Luckily, this course will help you to take back your power and examine the root cause of these unhealthy habits. 

You can create lasting positive change in your life. 

It might be hard to imagine a life where you feel fulfilled, confident, peaceful, successful, and satisfied. The Untamed Heart will give you the tools to know what this type of life looks like for you, and begin to make it your new reality.

You can heal your life - Join Me TODAY!

6 Benefits from Living Life Untamed

COURAGE - to show up authentically! 

​FREEDOM - to life life on your own terms!

FULFILLMENT- Your heart and soul's deepest desires manifested!

SOVEREIGNTY - You were born to be the fullest expression of yourself!

PERSONAL POWER - Claiming your unique gifts and talents and celebrating all of who you are!

EMOTIONAL PEACE - Life Untamed when you heal the hole in your heart!

Live Life Untamed

A message from one of

Dr. Nelson's Clients

Between a combination of my career and losing my brother a few years ago, I began losing myself in extremely harmful and self-defeating patterns. I was surrounding myself with toxic people, taking part in unhealthy situations and in 2021 - I hit an extremely low point. I desperately needed help. I knew Dr. Natacha from beach volleyball so I felt I could put my armor down and allow her to hold the space I needed for healing.

Prior to last year, I worked with many different "talk therapy" experts and they were just a sounding board while I was “talking my problems” in circles. I never received any real resolutions. I couldn’t seem to escape the problems that were destroying me and my life.

Dr. Nelson helped me identify what I needed to specifically correct in my emotional world and lifestyle, and taught me how to make changes with a comprehensive plan and in-depth roadmap.

I have reclaimed my life, reconnected with my true self, am finally speaking my truth and identifying toxic situations/people/patterns and STEERING CLEAR -- happily.

I feel like my third-eye is open and I am finally seeing the world as I should have a long time ago. I now live from a place of self respect. I finally love myself. I now see all the beauty in the world that I masked with vices for so long. I am NO longer a victim. If you desperately want to change and get your life on track, you MUST see Dr. Nelson. 

- Jacki Jing, from Netflix's 'The Circle'

Course Content & Features:

Module 1 - Welcome to the Untamed Heart!

Dr. Natacha Nelson introduces herself and her vision for the course, while setting the foundation for taking the first step towards liberating your heart.

Module 2 - Life's Courageous Adventure

Explore the relationship between feelings, emotions, and your Soul's purpose.

Module 3 - Food as Medicine, Food as Love

Learn the intimate relationship between food and your mood, while learning how to break unhealthy eating behaviors you've developed to cope with life.

Module 4 - Becoming Fiercely Alive

Understand how your body communicates with you and how to accurately interpret the messages you receive. 

Module 5 - Daring to Reclaim Your Superpower

Uncover the secrets to integrating your intuition, intellect, and instincts.

Module 6 - Excavating the Gems of Your Journey

Learn how to harness the power of life's challenging events and circumstances and use them to your advantage!

Module 7 - Power = Paradox + Polarity

Learn how to dissolve the conflict within life's dualities and paradoxes and discover the power that is inherent to them.

Module 8 - Authentic Self Expression

Align your head and heart to courageously express your Authentic Self with confidence!

Self-Paced & Online

The Untamed Heart was created as an 8 week online course,  however, you can take all the time you need with Lifetime Access to the Digital Course Materials.

Videos & Study Guides

Each module includes an educational video presentation by Dr. Natacha Nelson and a study guide with specific reflections and activities.

Untamed & Prosperous Community

Access to LIVE 'The Dr. is IN' weekly group coaching calls, connect with accountability partners along the same journey, and receive direct support from the Life Doctor herself! 

Bring your body back in balance and achieve homeostasis!


In this course, you will learn the many tools I use to self-regulate. Coping mechanisms that used to keep me stuck in a negative feedback loop have transformed into a new source of joy. I now eat according to the way I want to feel and you can learn to do the same.

Take back your power and stop drowning in an endless vacuum of hopelessness, helplessness, anxiety, or overwhelm.

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