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I'm always inspired when I meet a conscious capitalist with a genuine story behind their product or service. The products you find here will always represent this philosophy of a mission driven focus. These are all products and services that I have personally used for years and these endorsements are my promise to their quality. So, prepare to be inspired by these mission driven entrepreneurs and the value their products will bring to your life.

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Designer Green


There is an incredible world of healing that for too long has been tainted by stereotypes that are not true, and now that green alternatives are open for business, there are many formulas out there. I've tried many different tinctures to improve my health and longevity, and the one that truly made a significant, noticeable difference for pain relief, improved sleep, and an increased feeling of calm, focus, and productivity is Designer Green. These formulas have been game changers for wellness in my life.

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Integrative Peptides


There are many things that I enjoy in life and so much I want to accomplish that I pay close attention to developments in health and wellness that can enhance my day and give me the energy and focus to persevere when there is a lot on my plate. I am excited to share my new link with a product that I have added to my daily routine. Integrative Peptides have improved the quality of my sleep and enhanced my focus. I felt their effect in a matter of days. In the coming weeks, I will release a podcast that will highlight some of their many uses and help listeners understand the science behind them. In the meantime, check out their website and let me know if you have any questions about my experience with their products. In the wake of the prescription drug epidemic in America, these peptides are something that more doctors and patients need to know about.

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Thorne Supplements


I discovered the value if Thorne supplements through visits with my amazing acupuncturist Amanda Lee Murphy and I am so happy to be able to share them here. My favorites are the Creatine Powder and Magnesium Bisglycinate  to promote good sleep and bone/muscle/tendon support. Regardless of the supplements you choose, you can trust the quality of Thorne products.

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The Power of Tea


I love sipping tea throughout my day, or to wind it down, and Pique Tea is the easiest way to mix high quality, clean ingredients into my tasty time. From products that support radiant skin, digestion, and immune support, Pique Tea is a favorite for an healthy, organic, and on the go lifestyle.

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Young Living Essential Oils


Essential Oils are the most pure distillation of nature that have amazing properties for your health and home. From toothpaste and mouth wash to pure essential oils to cook with or diffuse in your home, Young Living Oils have added layers of oragnic clean and calm to my life and home for many years. If you are ready to live clean, you'll love Young Living's committment to naturally derived plant based products that make it easy for you to choose products for every part of your life & home.

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I am not one to go to extremes, but the Purium Ultimate Lifestyle Cleanse created the best sleep, mental clarity & glowing skin I have ever had. I have used their products like BioMedic Probiotics and Super Amino 23 ever sense. The purpose behind Purium's products are to flood the body with nutrient dense superfoods that help break addictions to sugar and detox from the chemicals that are found in our modern food supply. Turn over a clean leaf with Purium products today.

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I learned about ASEA through friends in the beach volleyball community and discovered that they are an emerging global leader in cellular health that helps the body maintain healthy inflammatory response, improve gut health, and maintain cardiovascular health and arterial elasticity. It's simple to add 4-8oz a day to your hydration routine to revitalize your health on a cellular level.

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