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Wendy's Perspective


As a lifelong athlete and parent of two college athletes, I have the deepest respect for helping parents and athletes connect with the why behind the reasons kids play and the lessons we learn from both successes and challenges on and off the court.  

As a younger athlete, I didn’t have the awareness or mentorship to help me understand the deeper layers of sports and self-awareness. It took injuries and being cut from my college volleyball team to learn how important my growth and commitment to health and wellness was to me. That perspective has fueled me ever since. 

Now having traveled the road of college sports with my oldest two kids, at TCU and Stanford respectively, I have both the experience and training to help athletes and their parents thrive through athletic experiences and incorporate the science and habits of sleep, hydration, nutrition and recovery so that parents and athletes can find their flow together - on and off the court. 

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Ashley's Perspective


Growing up as an athlete, I had the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports including soccer, softball, basketball, track and field, volleyball, and flag football which led me to be a dual sport collegiate athlete competing in indoor volleyball and track and field at the Division II level.  My coaching experience spans 18 years through both beach and indoor volleyball and with teams and individuals ranging from club juniors to junior college to professional level athletes. 

Through these experiences, I have learned the value of communication, culture, and life lessons learned through sports participation in the areas of work ethic, discipline, team work, self-awareness, leadership, culture, and more.  Ashley believes that these lessons are not only the most important aspects to achieving success as an athlete, but even more paramount is the direct impact these experiences have on maximizing and sustaining a fulfilling and connected lifestyle that fits you now and in the future.


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Concepts We Teach

  • Leadership

  • Communication

  •  Self-Awareness

  •  Confidence

  •  Conflict Resolution

  •  Building Team Culture

  •  Inclusivity

  •  Work Ethic

  •  Growth Mindset

  •  How to Learn from Failure

  •  How to Approach Your Coach (Parent and  Athlete editions)

  •  Strength Training 

  •  Best Stretching Practices 

See What Others Have Said:


"I had the pleasure of working with and learning from Ashley, as well as observing her in the element of teaching mentality, volleyball, and performance at a private training facility in Southern California.  Ashley has a unique way of making me feel cared about as a person, but also as a professional coach looking to improve.  She has mentored me as a friend and volleyball coach in many ways that I’m grateful for.  From a coaching perspective, she’s very meticulous but also gentle in her coaching. On a personal note, she is one of the most supportive people I know. She’ll meet you at your level, be it professionally or personally, and help you grow on a path that you’re comfortable with."  

Kyle Becker

Co-Worker & Friend


"During the summer of 2020, our daughter wanted to take her volleyball skills to the next level. We were looking for a volleyball coach and a mentor who could help foster this growth. Our journey led us to Ashley Clark whose expertise proved to be an ideal match for our daughter's needs. Ashley uses a range of interpersonal techniques, including active listening, the demonstration of positive empowerment, the provision of clear and precise information, skillful questioning, challenging, and reflective methods. These methods have not only fostered our daughter's athletic growth, her guidance was instrumental in helping our daughter make the transition from highly competitive club and high school volleyball to the collegiate level." 

Jen Lynch



"Ashley’s impact reaches beyond the court by the valuable life lessons she models: showing respect for others, having a strong work ethic, valuing commitment, teaching that preparation pays off and the value of planning ahead, learning from mistakes, focusing on healthy habits (physical, emotional & mental health) and lastly, valuing effort over outcomes. In my personal observations, Ashley truly brings a wealth of experience and insight both on and off the court. My daughter has grown not only as an athlete but also learned so many impactful life lessons. Ashley has definitely been one of the most influential coaches in my daughter’s life."  

Kerri Ericks



"Connection - when it happens between two people it is magical and meaningful. With Wendy it’s also natural and easy. Wendy easily spanned generations and achieved that connection with me and my 17 year old daughter, guiding and encouraging us through the NCAA D-1 recruiting process for beach volleyball. Ever present, always positive with a kind word from the heart and expertise from her life’s work. Working with Wendy from the East Coast has been seamless. Can’t say enough good things."  

Paula T.



"My husband and I faced a tough coaching issue with our 13-year-old daughter, and Wendy Jones and Ashley Clark were able to help us. Their expert guidance equipped us with tools to navigate a difficult meeting with a less-than-ideal coach and the club director.Wendy and Ashley’s approach was both practical and empathetic, focusing on empowering not just us as parents but also our daughter. They ensured she had a voice in the process, striking a delicate balance between support and not overstepping our role.Thanks to their invaluable insights, our meeting with the coach and club director went smoothly. Wendy and Ashley’s guidance helped us advocate for our daughter’s well-being and propose positive changes within the coaching environment.If you’re dealing with youth sports coaching challenges, Wendy Jones and Ashley Clark are a great resource. Their expertise goes beyond problem-solving — it’s about fostering lasting empowerment for both parents and young athletes. I wholeheartedly recommend their services for anyone navigating the complexities of youth sports coaching."  



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