Curiosity and lifelong learning are the keys to longevity. Since there are no hacks or quick fixes on the road to sustainable high performance, our courses are designed to share key insights, tools, and takeaways for you to use on your journey to excellence. Level up your game in any season of life, and Be Better. 



Join Be Better Founder, Wendy Jones, to connect with tenets of deep health and apply tools of physical, mental, and emotional well-being that are enhanced with solid sleep and mindfulness practices that create greater self-awareness and help you to clarify your own personal philosophy and purpose for your life.


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Go with the Flow

by Kahlee York

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“We think about our period, right?  What we don’t think about is the fact our hormones are changing over a month’s time.”

- Course Creator, Kaylee York

Go With The Flow is here to teach you the things professional athletes across the country wish they would’ve known before, in, and after college.


These are the tenets of deep health that are available to you when you understand and apply the fundamentals of physical, mental, and social well-being that are enhanced with solid sleep, and mindfulness practices that enhance your self-awareness and help you to clarify your own personal philosophy and purpose for your life.


Empowering Women to Honor their Hormone Cycle and Integrate Targeted Nutrition, Exercise, and Lifestyle to Perform and Feel their Best.


Join me, Dr. Natacha Nelson, Life Doctor, to gain understanding and learn tools that will help you revolutionize the Way You Alchemize Trauma Stored Deep in the Mind and Body.


Whether an athlete in the game of life or on the court, our courses help create a path to lifelong learning, deep health, and sustainable high performance. 

It's about the journey, not the destination.  


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