Unleash Your Authentic Self: The Untamed Heart Course with Dr. Natacha Nelson

What Does it Mean to Live a Life Untamed?

It's Time You Truly Heal The Void In Your Heart


Welcome to The Untamed Heart – a transformative journey guided by Dr. Natacha Nelson, the Life Doctor. This course is designed to revolutionize the way you alchemize trauma stored deep in your mind and body, empowering you to break free from unhealthy behavior patterns and live your life untamed.

Through a combination of personal insight and professional expertise, Dr. Natacha Nelson will lead you on an 8-week exploration into the core of your being. Discover the tools to identify, address, and transcend the emotional triggers that have kept you stuck, and embrace a path of healing, growth, and empowerment.

In Untamed Heart, you'll learn how to reclaim your power, align your head and heart, and embrace life's challenges as opportunities for personal evolution. Join us on this transformative journey and embark on a voyage to unleash your authentic self and create positive change that resonates deeply within.


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Meet Dr. Natacha Nelson


Unveil the powerhouse behind your transformation journey. Dr. Natacha Nelson, affectionately known as Your Life Doctor, brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to guide you through breaking free from unhealthy patterns and embracing healing. With a passion for alchemizing trauma deep within the mind and body, Dr. Natacha is committed to helping you discover your untamed potential. Now, let's delve into what it means to live a life Untamed.


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Experience the Untamed Life with 6 Transformative Benefits



Empower yourself to show up authentically, without reservations.


Define and shape your life on your own terms, without constraints.


Manifest your heart and soul's deepest desires, fostering true contentment.


Embrace your innate right to become the fullest expression of your unique self.

Personal Power

Acknowledge and celebrate your distinct gifts, talents, and essence.

Emotional Peace

Achieve serenity and emotional balance through healing the heart's wounds.

Dive into the Untamed Heart Curriculum & Key Modules


Cultivating an Untamed Heart signifies achieving wholeness. This breakthrough program will guide you to Integrate all the facets of yourself that you might have neglected, forgotten, or suppressed.

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Module 1: Welcome to the Untamed Heart!

Meet Dr. Natacha Nelson as she lays the groundwork for your transformative journey. Understand her vision and take the first step towards liberating your heart.


Module 2: Life's Courageous Adventure

Delve into the intricate relationship between emotions, feelings, and your soul's purpose, revealing the path to a more courageous life.


Module 3: Food as Medicine, Food as Love

Discover the intimate link between your mood and food. Break free from unhealthy eating patterns developed as coping mechanisms and learn to nourish your body and soul.


Module 4: Becoming Fiercely Alive

Decode the language of your body and learn to interpret its messages accurately. Uncover the keys to embracing vibrant, fierce vitality.


Module 5: Daring to Reclaim Your Superpower

Reconnect with your innate power by integrating intuition, intellect, and instincts. Unveil the secrets to holistic empowerment.


Module 6: Excavating the Gems of Your Journey

Harness the potency of life's challenges, converting them into catalysts for growth and self-empowerment.


Module 7: Power = Paradox + Polarity

Learn how to dissolve the conflict within life's dualities and paradoxes and discover the power that is inherent to them.


Module 8: Authentic Self Expression

Align your head and your heart to courageously express your Authentic Self with confidence.

What's Included


8 Educational Videos

Dive into comprehensive video lessons that will guide you through each module of your transformative journey.


7 Study Guide Worksheets

Apply your learning with thoughtful reflection and exercises designed to deepen your understanding.


4 Bonus Handouts

Access additional resources to enhance your experience and support your growth.


3 Months FREE Access to the Untamed & Prosperous Community: Immerse yourself in a supportive environment where you can connect, learn, and thrive alongside like-minded individuals.


"The Doctor is IN" LIVE Group Coaching Webinars

Engage directly with me, Dr. Natacha Nelson, during weekly coaching sessions exclusively available to our community members.

Course Features

Eight-Unit Course: Dive into an in-depth exploration of holistic well-being through eight comprehensive units. Each unit is designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

Pillars of Deep Health: Gain valuable insights and practical strategies across various aspects of health - physical, mental, emotional, and social. Learn how these pillars synergize to create a foundation for lasting success.


Life Time Access

Your investment in "The Untamed Heart" provides access to a wealth of transformative content and guarantees lifetime access to the digital course materials. This ensures you can revisit and reinforce your learning whenever needed.

Total Value: $499 | Your Investment: Only $297


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Join the Untamed & Prosperous Community


Immerse yourself in a supportive community of kindred spirits on a shared journey. Gain exclusive access to LIVE group coaching calls, connect with accountability partners, and receive direct guidance from me, the Life Doctor.

This course isn't just about breaking patterns and creating profound and lasting change. Experience the courage to live authentically, the freedom to define life on your terms, and the profound fulfillment that comes from embracing your true self.

Embark on your transformative journey today. Your untamed life is calling.

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