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Our Breakthrough Coaching Profession and Features

Many people need a breakthrough experience in some area of their life. Whether they hope to master their job, move to a new career, become better in personal relationships, or navigate divorce, they need a boost. Since we've been in the coaching profession for many years, we understand what you're going through.

Defining Breakthrough Coaching

Breakthrough coaching is a unique and dynamic approach to self-improvement. Primarily, it focuses on helping people overcome barriers to experience more personal or professional growth. This means identifying beliefs and fears that limit them, addressing harmful and helpful behaviors, and breaking through those constraints.

There is no "executive coach's handbook" to help us assist you. Ultimately, we must listen to your needs to ensure that you gain new perspectives and creative insights.

In most cases, it takes less than an hour for each session, and we're constantly invited to help SMBs and large, multinational companies assist their staff.

Your breakthrough coach, Wendy Jones, can assist in all life aspects, including personal development, health, relationships, and careers. We help individuals redefine goals and navigate obstacles that stand in their way.

One aspect of breakthrough coaching is to focus on tangible outcomes. Our coaches work with you to create actionable plans, offering accountability and support to ensure things come out well.

The coaching process begins with introspection. We challenge you to reflect on what you want in life and then create a space to offer growth.

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Wendy Jones - Breakthrough Coaching Profession

Wendy's Perspective

My coaching perspective comes from a learn by doing approach.  Although I was born with a healer and coach's heart, I believe that we can be of most service to others when we have been through the fire ourselves and emerged stronger and more resilient for having been there.  My path through a 20 year marriage, 24 years of parenthood so far, breaking the bonds of toxic relationships and codependency, and recovering from burnout have led me to a place to truly understand that everything we need to succeed is already within us waiting to be unlocked.  When you are on a high performing path, so much of our conditioning comes from our mind but I believe that the way we can learn to thrive and sustain true high performance is by honing the skills to listen to the subtle cues that come from the body and spirit. This involves understanding your nervous system, releasing trapped emotions and limiting beliefs, and truly learning to embody your unique journey.

My northstar is generational healing, and beyond that thriving, and that path presents itself when we decide to embrace both radical acceptance and grace for where we are today and take the step forward from there.  Real connection with mind, body and spirit includes good nutrition, hydration, simple movement, good sleep hygiene and authentic connection. I have used each of these in my own life to recover from the depths of burnout and have the courage to be my authentic self and I love helping others find their footing on this path.  

My practical training includes 200 hour Yoga Alliance teacher training, Transcendent life coaching certification from The Foundations of Self Actualization Coaching, Nutrition Certification from Precision Nutrition and Reiki Levels 1 & 2 training.  While each of these trainings has given me tools to add to my chest to live a healthier, more balanced life, it has been learning to trust my intuition that has unlocked a feeling of safety and calm that I want everyone to experience no matter what their life goals may be and I always bring this feeling of calm and safety into my coaching environment.  So if you are experiencing low energy, a feeling of being stuck, unable to chart your best course forward for your life, I understand intimately and I can help.  We all need help from time to time and asking for help is courageous and strengthening.  Do it for yourself, your kids, community and the generations that come after you.  You are worth it.

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Wendy Jones - Founder of Be Better Life

Types of Coaching


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Developing a Purposeful Coach-client Relationship


What does a breakthrough coach do? We offer executive programs to help people facilitate change in their personal or professional lives and use common approaches.

Here are a few things breakthrough coaching mastery offers:

  • Initial Assessment
    Within our coaching culture, the first step is to conduct an assessment of your situation. We must reflect on your current state to identify the behaviors, fears, and beliefs that hold you back.
  • Goal Setting and Planning
    Once we've completed the initial assessment, the coach will work with you to set clear goals that are easily attainable (with the appropriate work). We also develop a plan to help you gain emotional intelligence.
  • Consistent Check-Ins
    Breakthrough coaching requires regular check-ins, which help us monitor your progress and provide the guidance or encouragement needed for challenges that arise.
  • Accountability
    Your breakthrough coach is your accountability partner. We help you stay committed to your action plan, which significantly increases your chances of achieving the outcome you want.
  • Educational Resources and Exercises
    Depending on your goals and needs, we offer personalized exercises and educational resources to help with your growth journey.


Coach-client Relationship

Helping Our Global Coaching Community

Breakthrough coaching focuses on changing your mind to gain leading-edge insights. We are global gurus and can help people anywhere in the world!

You need the right coaching habit to deal with core challenges and reveal deep desires. Our team can help you succeed.


Types of Breakthroughs Our Clients Achieve

Ultimately, breakthrough coaching helps you deal with situations to gain new perspectives and practical insights when you need them most.

Our coaches deliver breakthroughs relating to your career, emotional, relationship, financial, and personal development.


Achieve Your Desired Outcomes with Our Breakthrough Coaching Options

You don't need to read breakthrough coaching books because you have us on your side. Wendy is a great coach and will help you transform yourself. Schedule your free discovery call today to get started!


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"Connection - when it happens between two people it is magical and meaningful. With Wendy it’s also natural and easy. Wendy easily spanned generations and achieved that connection with me and my 17 year old daughter, guiding and encouraging us through the NCAA D-1 recruiting process for beach volleyball. Ever present, always positive with a kind word from the heart and expertise from her life’s work. Working with Wendy from the East Coast has been seamless. Can’t say enough good things."  

Paula T.



"My husband and I faced a tough coaching issue with our 13-year-old daughter, and Wendy Jones and Ashley Clark were able to help us. Their expert guidance equipped us with tools to navigate a difficult meeting with a less-than-ideal coach and the club director.Wendy and Ashley’s approach was both practical and empathetic, focusing on empowering not just us as parents but also our daughter. They ensured she had a voice in the process, striking a delicate balance between support and not overstepping our role.Thanks to their invaluable insights, our meeting with the coach and club director went smoothly. Wendy and Ashley’s guidance helped us advocate for our daughter’s well-being and propose positive changes within the coaching environment.If you’re dealing with youth sports coaching challenges, Wendy Jones and Ashley Clark are a great resource. Their expertise goes beyond problem-solving — it’s about fostering lasting empowerment for both parents and young athletes. I wholeheartedly recommend their services for anyone navigating the complexities of youth sports coaching."  



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