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Activate your own
stem cells with light -
look and feel young again!

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About Lifewave 

Lifewave is a wearable light technology designed and patented by David Schmidt. This product has been used for decades by athletes and wellness professionals that utilize phototherapy and photobiomodulation to harness the body’s natural, restorative energy and enhance it's ability to live well. Some of the benefits include improved sleep, better mental clarity, increased energy, and quicker recovery time.  Check it out for yourself today!

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Do you want feel better so you can be better?

We recommend starting with the X39 and Aeon, and moving on from there!

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Does Lifewave actually work? 

Contact us today to learn about these lifewave stem cell patches! We will reach out with more information and send you a gift to find out for yourself!

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What Do They Say About Lifewave...

"I've been wearing Lifewave stem cell patches for about 3 weeks now and I can feel a positive change in my energy level, sleep quality, and overall wellness.  I specifically noticed a significant decrease in pain and inflammation when I used Icewave patches on my neck."

Ashley, Be Better Life & Volleyball Coach/Senior Manager & Producer at Be Better Media

"The difference I have felt over the last few months of wearing Lifewave Patches is remarkable - I've slept better, had less aches and pains, more energy, and better mental clarity.  To realize the power we have within our own bodies to experience better health is energizing in itself!"

Wendy, Be Better Life Coach/Founder of Be Better Life & Media

"When I was introduced to Lifewave, I had been dealing with a left shoulder injury from lifting a heavy suitcase.  I had very limited range of motion, so I was curious if the patches would help. 

After about a month and a half of rotating between X39, X49, Aeon, Carnosine, and Icewave, I have increased range of motion and I was able to start pilates again. 

I 100% recommend this product if you are looking for a natural way to dump the big pharma medications."

Cindy Clark, Registered Dietician

Wendy's Picks

Lifewave ALAVIDA

When Wendy used this patch on her forehead overnight, she said she had some interesting dreams! Try alavida lifewave today!

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Do you feel the effects of inflammation and aging in your body?  Lifewave glutathione might be something for you to consider.

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Ashley's Picks

Lifewave X39

X39 lifewave patches are made from organic crystals that reflect back your own light to make change in your body.

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Lifewave AEON

Use X39 and Aeon together for a dynamic combination that can reduce inflammation  and restore your health and wellness.

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Contact Us for Further Questions

If you are interested in more information on lifewave stem cell patches, please email [email protected] and we will respond individually to you.