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Looking for a captivating storytelling podcast that delves deep into the human experience with authenticity, resilience, diversity, and more? Look no further than Be Better Media's "What I Meant to Say" hosted by the incomparable Wendy Jones. Join us on a journey where each episode is a testament to the power of storytelling and the resilience of the human spirit.

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  • Inspirational storytelling that uplifts and empowers.
  • Authentic conversations that resonate with the heart.
  • Diverse voices and experiences that celebrate humanity.
  • A platform for resilience, hope, and healing.
  • Hosted by Wendy Jones, a trusted guide in the world of storytelling.
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In Honor of Memorial Day, please enjoy these 'What I Meant to Say' conversations that feature inspiring and resilient Veterans:

Real Change in Health & Healing for Our Veterans and Beyond

Sharon Jackson is a Veteran and public servant from Alaska with a heart to bring better medical care to our Veterans and beyond.  In this episode, we covered the difference between being a humanitarian and a politician and how she used the struggle she went through as a stroke survivor to inform her knowledge of better medicines and practices that are out there that allowed her to restore her health and heal.  Her love and energy are palpable and she is leading the charge to bring generational healing to our Vets and their families.

Healing America's Heros

In this episode, I talk with Kevin Vance, a former Special Ops Veteran and first responder about what it truly takes to heal from trauma. Despite what he has seen and experienced in his line of duty, and the pain he carries from it, he has a zen-like awareness of what it means to be a good human who can truly contribute to the people around him.  From parenting to plant medicine, this conversation is all about getting out of your head and living from the heart.

How To Help Our Veterans Heal

As brave as they have been on the battlefield, two Combat Controllers and American heroes, Kyle Stanbro and Joe O’Keefe share what it’s like to learn to heal from the wounds that war inflicts and create the ripple effect of healing that families need.

Breaking the Addiction Cycle

After spending time in prison, former Marine Mike O’Dell put in the work to heal his life path and relationships with the help of Warriors Heart, where he now works to help other Vets find a healing path.

Animal Allies - Healing and Service through Sierra Delta 

BJ Ganem is a Veteran who has dedicated his days to building Sierra Delta, an organization serving Veterans and the canine companions they are matched with to brighten their days and invigorate their post military life. BJ learned that animals can be a powerful ally to the healing process when he lost his leg in combat and his own relationship with his dog literally saved his life. His passion to serve others and turn adversity into incredible strength is one you won’t want to miss.

The Genetics of Risk Taking

Brian Bielmann is a legendary surf photographer who has risked life and limb to capture the magic of some of the biggest waves and surf careers in the sport from Kelly Slater to Kai Lenny. His son Jesse is a decorated Combat Controller, a division of Special Forces that most have never heard of and who’s military training is unparalleled even in the world of military special forces. We dug into surf culture, patriotism and whether they think there is a genetic component to the types of risks we take as humans. 

Authenticity is Key to Happiness

Authenticity in Every Episode

On "What I Meant to Say," authenticity is at the core of everything we produce. Wendy Jones, a seasoned storyteller and empathetic host, who creates a safe space where guests feel comfortable sharing their most vulnerable moments and authentic experiences. From heartwarming triumphs to raw, unfiltered challenges, each story is a reminder of the beauty found in genuine human connection.

Watch Taylor Grant's Hope Beyond Addiction Story

Resilience Redefined

Life is full of twists and turns, and "What I Meant to Say" showcases the remarkable resilience of individuals who have overcome adversity and emerged stronger on the other side. Through their stories of resilience, our guests inspire listeners to find hope, courage, and resilience in their own lives, no matter the obstacles they may face.

Watch Marine Corp Veteran BJ Ganem's Resilient Story Here
Diversity Storytelling

Diversity in Stories, Unity in Experience

Diversity is celebrated and embraced at "What I Meant to Say." Our podcast features a diverse range of voices, backgrounds, and experiences, ensuring that every listener can find a story that resonates with them. Whether it's exploring different cultures, perspectives, or life journeys, our commitment to diversity fosters a sense of unity and understanding among our listeners.

Enjoy Linn River's Story Here!

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