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Did you know your hormone cycle affects your mood, energy levels, focus, training, and performance?


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Unlock the Potential of Your Body with Go With the Flow: A Beginner's Guide to Cycle Syncing & Recipes


This 16-week course is designed to elevate your athletic performance, achieve holistic balance, and embrace sustainable wellness.  Here's the course outline:

  • Weeks 1-3: Welcome to Go with the Flow, introduction to Tracking your Hormone Cycle, and basics of Nutrition.
  • Weeks 4-7: Overview of each of the four phases including, Menstrual, Follicular, Ovulation, and Luteal.
  • Weeks 8-15:¬†Learn how¬†to use targeted nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices to¬†nourish the¬†specific needs your body has with each phase of your cycle.
  • Week 16: Complete the course with a discussion on how to love and embrace your body just the way it is and consider how to implement Go with the Flow strategies in your daily life!

In this course, you will conquer the power of cycle syncing and aligning your nutrition, energy, activities, and choices with your body's changing hormonal patterns. 

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Meet Your Coach: Ashley Clark


Be Better Producer and Coach, Ashley Clark, teamed up with Integrative Nutritionist and LSU Graduate, Kahlee York, to create this impactful and empowering course for young women and student-athletes.  Ashley earned her BA in Liberal Studies with a Concentration in Mathematics from California State University Dominguez Hills, where she also competed as a NCAA Division II athlete in the sports of indoor volleyball and track.  She also holds a MA in Coaching and Athletic Administration from Concordia University Irvine.  In addition to her extensive background in education, Ashley has 17 years of coaching and teaching experience with young athletes and teams.  


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Discover Go with the Flow: A Beginner's Guide to Cycle Syncing & Recipes


Whether it's managing extreme PMS symptoms, navigating conversations around the female hormone cycle, or optimizing your performance, Go with the Flow offers solutions that empower you to rise above challenges. 



Course Highlights


1.  Gain confidence and self-awareness by adapting your nutrition and activities to your hormone cycle.

2.  Enhance emotional intelligence, leading to better relationships and team dynamics.

3.  Improve physical and emotional health through informed self-care practices.

4.  Uncover the power of cycle syncing to unlock your peak potential. 


The Power of Cycle Syncing


Experience a transformative journey where you'll master cycle syncing, aligning your nutrition, energy, and activities with your body's changing hormonal patterns. Witness this synchronization's profound impact on your performance, well-being, and emotional balance.

Elevate Your Performance and Well-Being with this 16-Week Journey


Unlock a comprehensive 16-week journey that empowers you with the following:

Targeted Nutrition Principles

Discover how to align your activities, nutrition, and exercise with your hormone cycle to optimize your athletic performance and overall well-being.

Daily Hormone Tracking

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how your hormone cycle affects various aspects of your life, including nutrition, mood, energy levels, focus, and performance.

Daily Check-Ins

Utilize the Go with the Flow tracking and daily check-ins to monitor your hormone cycle and become more aware of your feelings and mood throughout the month.

Weekly Discussions & Action Steps

Engage in weekly discussions and steps that guide you through the course material and its practical application.

Cooking Skills

Acquire practical cooking skills with 4 'How To's' and over 16 easy recipes that are tailored to your hormone cycle's needs, promoting optimal nutrition.

Seasonal Awareness

Access six videos that will detail the four seasons of your cycle, helping you work harmoniously with each phase.

Holistic Well-being

Embrace holistic well-being by integrating emotional, mental, and physical health strategies, promoting a comprehensive sense of health and fulfillment.

Long-Lasting Benefits

Cultivate sustainable habits that align with your hormone cycle, leading to consistent energy, improved focus, enhanced performance, and a greater sense of empowerment.

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Ideal for Teams/Groups

  • Group style course includes monthly Webinars with Certified Be Better Instructor
  • Lifetime access to Digital Course
  • Accessible from your phone using Kajabi App
  • Ideal for female sports programs, teams, or group of friends



Ideal for Individual Athletes

  • Self-paced course designed to be completed one week at a time for the¬† individual
  • Lifetime access to Digital Course
  • Accessible from your phone using Kajabi App
  • Great for the self-starting and highly motivated athlete¬†


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No more surprises, no more setbacks. Take control of your athletic journey with "Go with the Flow" and step into your power as the athlete you were born to be. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your approach to wellness and performance!

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