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The human design system is an incredibly accurate and powerful tool for empowerment and self-discovery. Developed by Alan Robert Krakower, it synthesizes ancient and modern sources of knowledge, including quantum mechanics, astronomy, the Chakra system (Hindu-Brahmin), the Jewish Kabbalah Tree of Life, i-Ching, and astrology.

This unique design doesn't use traditional personality tests because the answers change daily. Instead, the human design system uses your birth information to give you a chart that reveals your most authentic self to you! It is like an energetic blueprint that maps out the mechanics of your energy to help you expand and grow on your life path.

Ashley Clark - Volleyball Coach/Senior Manager & Producer at Be Better Life
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Create a Personal Development Journey Tailored to Your Needs

Positive psychology is the framework for understanding what you need to thrive. We use that here, but we go a step further with human design, which is a tool to discover what clients require to succeed.

With human design, you learn how to accomplish your goals without adrenal fatigue because we learn to work with our unique energy levels. The world is complicated, and you must discover ways to flourish that make sense to you. Everyone has a passion, and we help our clients find them.

Your human design chart shows how you started life and features gene keys that help us determine how you handle things in your daily life, on the conscious and subconscious levels Whether you hope to succeed in the corporate world, in your sport or want to focus on bettering your leadership and personal relationships, we can help!

We enjoy doing human design breakthrough sessions because they help us get a better understanding of you, and it allows you to feel seen. This coaching style gives you the tools needed to regulate your nervous system, mind, and body because you know the type of energy that flows through you. Therefore, you can easily create a plan and live life fully, being the person you were born to be.

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Hi, I'm Ashley!

Growing up as an athlete, I had the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports including soccer, softball, basketball, track and field, volleyball, and flag football which led me to be a dual sport collegiate athlete competing in indoor volleyball and track and field at the NCAA Division II level.  My coaching experience spans 18 years through both beach and indoor volleyball and with teams and individuals ranging from club juniors to junior college to professional level athletes. 

Through these experiences, I have learned the value of communication, culture, and life lessons learned through sports participation in the areas of work ethic, discipline, team work, self-awareness, leadership, culture, and more.  I firmly believe that these lessons are not only the most important aspects to achieving success as an athlete, but even more paramount is the direct impact these experiences have on maximizing and sustaining a fulfilling and connected lifestyle that fits you now and in the future.

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Ashley Clark - Volleyball Coach/Senior Manager & Producer at Be Better Life

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Individual coaching sessions for coaches, athletes, parents, or individuals on leadership, mindset, and/or exploration of your unique human design chart and how to use it as a tool in your day to day life.

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Understand Your True Self and Life Journey

Our culture primarily tells us to make things happen, go get it, and chase our dreams. However, some people aren't designed to initiate the changes necessary to do that. According to human design, we all have unique ways of moving through the world and making movement happen within us and around us in various ways.

As you strive to live by societal standards, you hit a wall and aren't recognized for your efforts because societal standards are not always aligned with your unique human design. A human design coach takes out the confusion, allowing you to get all the answers you need for your journey.

After we discovered human design, we developed a greater understanding of ourselves and others and knew we had to investigate further and learn as much as possible about it to help our clients.

We highly recommend working with a human design expert to discover your passion and earn success. Even if you consciously don't know what you want or need, your mind and body do. It's all about focusing on your own power, learning how to handle what life throws at you.

With human design sessions, you'll:

  • Develop greater self-awareness of your conscious and subconscious traits.
  • Stop chasing opportunities that don't align with your needs
  • Discover how to operate best based on your body
  • Learn to honor your decisions and needs

Having someone to read and interpret your human design chart is the best solution. There's a ton of information there, and it's often confusing for most people. However, we can examine everything and provide the right context to ensure you get the answers you need, or if you are curious about something specific in your chart, we can help!

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See What Others Have Said:

 "I had the pleasure of working with and learning from Ashley, as well as observing her in the element of teaching mentality, volleyball, and performance at a private training facility in Southern California.  Ashley has a unique way of making me feel cared about as a person, but also as a professional coach looking to improve.  She has mentored me as a friend and volleyball coach in many ways that I’m grateful for.  From a coaching perspective, she’s very meticulous but also gentle in her coaching. On a personal note, she is one of the most supportive people I know. She’ll meet you at your level, be it professionally or personally, and help you grow on a path that you’re comfortable with."  

Kyle Becker

Co-Worker & Friend

 "During the summer of 2020, our daughter wanted to take her volleyball skills to the next level. We were looking for a volleyball coach and a mentor who could help foster this growth. Our journey led us to Ashley Clark whose expertise proved to be an ideal match for our daughter's needs. Ashley uses a range of interpersonal techniques, including active listening, the demonstration of positive empowerment, the provision of clear and precise information, skillful questioning, challenging, and reflective methods. These methods have not only fostered our daughter's athletic growth, her guidance was instrumental in helping our daughter make the transition from highly competitive club and high school volleyball to the collegiate level." 

Jen Lynch


 "Ashley’s impact reaches beyond the court by the valuable life lessons she models: showing respect for others, having a strong work ethic, valuing commitment, teaching that preparation pays off and the value of planning ahead, learning from mistakes, focusing on healthy habits (physical, emotional & mental health) and lastly, valuing effort over outcomes. In my personal observations, Ashley truly brings a wealth of experience and insight both on and off the court. My daughter has grown not only as an athlete but also learned so many impactful life lessons. Ashley has definitely been one of the most influential coaches in my daughter’s life."  

Kerri Ericks


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