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How to Create A New Blueprint to Embrace Healing and Avoid Burnout Post-Divorce

Apr 24, 2024

Divorce. It's a word heavy with emotion, laden with the weight of shattered dreams and fractured hopes. And for single moms picking up the pieces and navigating the tumultuous waters of coparenting post-divorce, it can feel like an uphill battle with no end in sight. But amidst the chaos and the uncertainty, there lies a path to healing, a journey of self-discovery and empowerment—a path where we can CREATE A NEW BLUEPRINT for our lives.

The journey of divorce and coparenting after divorce is usually a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with highs and lows, triumphs and setbacks.  The most important piece to keep in mind during this time are the kids, and in order to best take care of them, you must first take better care of yourself.  It’s also crucial to realize that the key to finding peace and avoiding burnout lies in embracing the opportunity to create a new blueprint for your life.  At Be Better Life, we are hopeful that you are here to harness the information and the inspiration to throw out the old and create the new and improved life that was meant for you!

Too often in divorce, we cling to the remnants of the past, tethered to a blueprint that no longer serves us—a blueprint built on expectations, societal norms, and outdated external beliefs about what our lives should look like. But those who have learned through their own experiences, know that true healing begins when we let go of these preconceived notions and open ourselves up to the possibility of something new, something different.  

In order to CREATE A NEW BLUEPRINT for your life, it’s important to turn inward and really take a look at who you are, the gifts and talents you were given, and what your purpose on Earth might be.  One of the ways we explore this concept is through Human Design Coaching with Ashley Clark.  Human Design serves as a roadmap of the unconscious and conscious parts of our being that can reveal the importance of our strengths, as well as what we need to recognize in ourselves for this journey of self-discovery and renewal. It starts with understanding our design and our purpose, and then leads us to the ways we can live a fulfilling and authentic life.  

Especially for single moms, it's easy to fall into the trap of burnout, overwhelmed by the weight of our responsibilities and the constant juggling act of parenthood. But by embracing the curiosity of new and different things, we can break free from the cycle of exhaustion and rediscover the joy of living.  Letting go of the past is necessary, but knowing who we are and allowing ourselves to dream of a future filled with joy, fulfillment, and endless possibilities is a great way to be better.

In addition, Be Better Media’s storytelling podcast, "What I Meant to Say with Wendy Jones," contains the stories of countless individuals who have overcome adversity and found strength in the power of supportive relationships. And while divorce may have shattered the traditional blueprint of partnership for some, we’ve come to realize that support can come in many different forms.  We are hopeful that listening to or watching this show on our Be Better Media Youtube Channel will serve as a form of support for your needs as you embark on this journey of healing.

Wendy Jones shares her divorce and co-parenting journey on What I Meant to Say.

From friendships to family connections, from mentors to professional networks, I've learned that human beings are inherently social creatures, and we thrive with human connection and when surrounded by a supportive community. And while co-parenting post-divorce may present its own unique challenges, it's also an opportunity to cultivate new relationships and forge new connections that nourish our souls and propel us forward.  Keep in mind that we also have a ‘Divorce Hacker Youtube Playlist’ available with short videos and clips from Ann Grant's show 'Divorce Hacker: Survive to Thrive' that will help remind you that you are not alone and you will be okay.

So, to all the single moms navigating the complexities of co parenting and divorce, I urge you to embrace the journey of healing. Let go of the old blueprint and dare to CREATE A NEW BLUEPRINT for your life—one filled with love, resilience, and endless possibilities. Together, we can rise above the challenges, rewrite our stories, and create a future where we and our children can thrive.

The Team @ Be Better