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Embracing Alchemy: Transforming Your Life Through Inner Trust and Growth

May 18, 2024
Starting a blog post often feels like embarking on a journey without a map. Titles usually come last for me, but today, inspiration struck early. In the midst of significant life transitions, I discovered a source of peace that felt worthy of sharing. This revelation came through my work with Emily Hightower, my recent ‘What I Meant to Say’ guest and an extraordinary mentor blending biology and psychology to guide personal transformation. Her insights have profoundly impacted me, much like a coach's words can instantly refine an athlete's technique.

The Power of Alchemy Over Strategy

During one of our Shift Adapt sessions, Emily shared a game-changing perspective: "It's about alchemy, not strategy." This simple statement resonated deeply, highlighting how exhausting pure strategy can be. Alchemy, however, is transformative and revitalizing.

What is Alchemy? Webster defines it as a magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. To me, alchemy is the synergy of trusting our mind, body, spirit, and surrounding energy to support our growth and change. It's a process life's inevitable transitions demand.

Recognizing Personal Alchemy

Whether it's a graduation, a new job, a relationship's ebb and flow, or launching a new venture, we often rely solely on strategy to navigate from Point A to Point B. However, recognizing and harnessing our unique alchemy allows us to find personalized solutions amid universal truths. Alchemy is liberating, effortless, and energizing, providing the resilience to navigate transitions. This principle underpins the storytelling on the Be Better Media Youtube Channel and Be Better Life Coaching methods we utilize.

Honoring Alchemy Over Strategy

Here are some ways to embrace alchemy in your life:

Embrace What Is and Seek Knowledge and Beauty:

Daily encounters remind me of future desires and unexpected feelings. Gratitude for the present moment and learning reveals the infinite possibilities of change, fueling the energy needed for growth.  Learn how Be Better Life can support you by booking a free discovery call today!  

Engage Your Limbic Brain:

The limbic brain, our primal safety center, must feel secure before our logical brain can guide us effectively. Affirmations using "you" (e.g., "You will succeed") speak directly to this brain region, fostering a deep sense of calm and capability during change.  For more simple breakthrough coaching tips, book a session with me!

Leverage Your Biology:

Active recovery strategies such as breathework, cold plunges, yoga, meditation, and sound healing promote cellular change, aiding mental and spiritual adaptation. These techniques have been my pillars through significant transitions, from single parenting to recovering from ankle surgery.  Explore these concepts and more through my High Performance Zen course!

Experience Reiki:

Reiki, an energy healing practice, stimulates natural healing processes, enhancing overall health and calm. Suitable for athletes, children, and even animals, reiki fosters deep mind-body-spirit connection and tranquility.  

Life's Constant: Embracing Change

Life is a perpetual transition, offering unexpected gifts and unforeseen challenges. Trusting in your unique alchemy brings peace and growth through these changes. Embrace this trust over the weekend and beyond, knowing that your inner resources will guide you through. At BE BETTER, we support you in this journey, inviting you to add your alchemy to this incredible process.


Change is the only constant, but through alchemy, we find the strength and peace to navigate it. Join us at BE BETTER and discover how your personal alchemy can transform your life.

With Optimism,

Wendy Jones